About Us

Missionphoto credit: NOAA

The Potomac Chapter of the American Fisheries Society intends to facilitate professional networking and increase awareness of local and national fisheries issues in the Washington, DC area.


The objectives of the Chapter, in addition to those of the American Fisheries Society as set forth in article I of the Constitution, shall be to further strengthen the Society and the Nation’s aquatic resources by:
  1. Improving the Society’s visibility to Congress, and to government and private agencies¬†which¬†administer aquatic resource programs;
  2. Providing a forum for the discussion, debate, and resolution of regional aquatic resource problems and issues;
  3. Providing a focal point through which Federal, State, and private aquatic resource agencies might promote cooperation, understanding, and professionalism;
  4. Providing a forum for the dissemination of fishery knowledge to fellow workers, national leaders, and other interested groups;
  5. Increasing the American Fisheries Society’s contribution to the local, state and national decision-making process; and
  6. Expanding educational and on-the-job training opportunities for American Fisheries Society members.