NOAA Ecosystem Based Management Seminar Series 2 September 2015

NOAA strives to adopt an ecosystem-based management (EBM) approach in the stewardship of trust resources. The incorporation of EBM also is a foundation of the National Ocean Policy (NOP). Improving the understanding of EBM and sharing examples of where it’s already being used will help all federal agencies expand their effective use of EBM approaches. The NOAA EBM Seminar Series will advance this goal by bringing in experts and practitioners to share their experience and recommendations for successful EBM implementation.

Advancing Ecosystem-Based Management: Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management Policy and Roadmap
Jason Link, PhD, Senior Scientist for Ecosystem Management at NOAA Fisheries

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 3:15-4:30 PM

NOAA SSMC3, Room 12836, 1315 East West Highway, Silver Spring 20910
Remote Access:
Event Password: ecofish
Audio Dial in: 1-650-479-3207 Access code: 994 973 904

Abstract: NOAA has adopted ecosystem-based management (EBM) as the approach for meeting the agency’s mandates to sustainably manage the nation’s marine resources. Ecosystem-based management is an integrated approach that incorporates the entire ecosystem, including humans, into resource management decisions across all ocean-use sectors. EBM accounts for a changing marine climate and is guided by an adaptive management approach. EBM is informed by science to ensure resilience in marine ecosystems and in the goods and services they provide. NOAA Fisheries is advancing EBM for the fisheries sector through development of an Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management (EBFM) Policy Statement and associated Roadmap. This presentation will provide an overview and update of the draft EBFM Policy Statement and Roadmap, how they relate to other efforts, and discuss how we’ll know when we’re doing EBFM.

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