Opening the Next Chapter in the Potomac Chapter, AFS

Now that the Annual Meeting in Quebec is in the books, its time for the leadership of the AFS Potomac Chapter to roll into its next incarnation.

First, I have to thank now Past President Ward Slacum for getting the Potomac Chapter rolling again.  No one had a larger boulder to push up hill then Ward, and no one could have done it better.  I’ve asked him for a few words to post on the website, and as soon as I get them you’ll read them.

Second, we have to say a fond “Farewell and Good Luck” to Secretary Jennifer Cundey.  Jennifer moved from NMFS HQ to the NMFS Southeast Regional Office in St. Petersburg.  She’s also writing her Ph.D. dissertation, and so has reluctantly stepped down from her Potomac leadership post.

Thankfully Lee Benaka remains as Treasurer – for now.  Lee has indicated a desire to move out of Chapter leadership when his term ends, and given the pounds of flesh he has given to sustain us over the years, I think its a well deserved ride off into the sunset.

So we’ll be getting back to the chapter with an election schedule later in the fall to fill these three important positions.  But to my fellow current and former officers, let me say thanks – I wouldn’t ave this great chance if you all hadn’t stepped up when you did.

Philip L. Hoffman, President Potomac Chapter AFS

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